Linksys SPA942 + BLF

Under sipX 4.6 I have managed to get BLF functionality working with a Linksys SPA942, with a few modifications to sipX and the Linksys phone plugin.

Below are the steps I’ve followed, along with the files that I’ve modified to get sipX to not overwrite your settings, and give admins access to provisioning these changes.

Tested under sipX 4.6 Update 9 and SPA firmware 6.1.5(a)

  1. Log into the phone via it’s HTTP interface
  2. Click Admin Login, then Advanced
  3. Go to the Phone tab
  4. Choose your desired line key and modify the following
    1. Extension = Disabled
    2. Short Name = Whatever you want to show up on the screen
    3. Share Call Appearance = shared
    4. Extended Function = fnc=blf+sd+cp;[email protected] (where XXXX is the extension to subscribe to, and is your SIP domain)
  5. Go down to Line Key Extended Function
    1. Server Type = RFC3265_4235
    2. SPA932 Call Pickup Code *78 (or whatever your sipX installation uses as the directed pickup feature code)

Linksys SPA942 - Line Key 2

Linksys SPA942 - Line Key Extended Function

The Linksys phone plug in currently does not support modifying these values, so when you provision the phone from sipX it will overwrite your settings here. To get around that, we modify the plugin in /etc/sipxpbx/linksys – Attached to the article are the two files that are modified.

NOTE: I have also modified the defaults for a few items in System, regarding default choices for IP and DNS to make the phone default to DHCP and query DNS servers in parallel. This should not impact existing installations, but that has not been tested. Use at your own risk if you have existing SPA phones configured, and review the attachments’ code before implementing.

These are the files you’ll need to replace.



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