Selling Motorola HT750 Radios & Accessories

Getting rid of my Motorola HT750 fleet after having them for many years. They’re also usable in the 70CM ham band.

See the post here on eBay.

17x HT750 Radios
Frequency range: 403-470 MHz

6x Speaker Mics
3x Gang chargers
6x Wall power adapters
10x Impres desktop chargers
12x Desktop chargers
16x Extra Batteries (varying age)
3x Extra Belt Clips

UHF Antennas for all radios. Most are full size, some stubby rubber duck style.

See the post here on eBay.

Apartment Call Box “Hack”

I used to live in an apartment complex that had an electronically controlled front door to the building, coupled with a very annoying call box.

The called party just has to press 9 on their end, front door unlocks.
This method is meant to selectively admit guests to the building.

What happens if you forgot your card key? You’d have to choose your roommate’s name in the list, or hope some stranger would let you in.
What if a robot answered and would let you in, provided the right PIN was entered? Easily done…

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