Wonky.Name (Empire & homelab)

Wonky.Name is a multi-site data & voice cooperative, with locations in:

Sites like Russia Telekom supplement voice services over IPSec with high bitrate encryption is used to interconnect.

Each site is uniquely addressed to prevent routing conflicts, in the event the spokes wish to interconnect with one another. At the heart of the Winooski site is a Dell R210 (Intel X3450 8 cores @ 2.67 GHz) pfSense router that’s primary roles are edge gateway, and VPN concentrator attached to a Comcast 105 mbps / 10 mbps connection.

After the router we land on a Nortel ERS 5520 PoE switch, which is the default gateway for the LAN segment of Winooski. Providing layer 3 routing between the data VLAN, and voice VLAN, allowing local users access to the PBX portal. (Remote site-to-site VPN users achieve this via phase2 connections over their IPSec tunnel)

On the voice VLAN we have sipX and Asterisk. sipX runs the phones, local and remote. Call routing, conference rooms, paging outbound dialing, and some IVRs are handled by sipX; Asterisk provides the remaining IVR and inbound call handling.

In the data VLAN there is “lilbub” that handles VM hosting, which is where the above PBX servers reside. lilbub runs Proxmox, enabling KVM and OpenVZ for virtualization. lilbub sports an Intel X3470 CPU with 8 cores @ 2.93 GHz, 16 GB of RAM, and a 500 GB RAID 10 array (300 GB 10k SAS drives), 2x 1 Gbps 802.3ad bonded NICs.

“colmeow” is in charge of data storage, running Ubuntu 14.04 as a general purpose Linux machine and backup target, boasting a 5.5 TB RAID 6 array. The hamster wheel in colmeow is an Intel X3440 with 8 cores @ 2.53 GHz, 4 GB, 2x 1 Gbps 802.3ad bonded NICs.

The Winooski site is housed in a full height rack, protected by an APC Smart-UPS 3000, with video surveillance IP enabled smoke detection.

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