Radar Runs

Sadly, you can no longer reach the top of the mountain any more.
And here is a day time run from 2014.

Location: The Lyndonville Air Force Station, initially known as North Concord Air Force Station. An abandoned general surveillance radar station that became operational in 1956 and was decommissioned in 1963

Removing Nag Dialog from Proxmox 4.x

I received this tip from a co-worker on how to remove the nag dialog box upon login to the Proxmox 4.x web-UI.

  1.  Edit: /usr/share/pve-manager/ext6/pvemanagerlib.js
  2. Search for: ‘Active’
  3. Replace:
if (data.status !== ‘Active’) {


if (false && data.status !== ‘Active’) {

You will need to close and re-open your web browser / clear your cache to see the box removed.

Again like I said last time regarding guilt; there is support from Proxmox available if you feel guilty about using the “hack”